Tax Planning and Preparation Services

Tax Preparers in Mason City, IA

We leverage our experience and expertise to guide our clients through a full range of tax planning and preparation services while carefully navigating continually changing tax laws and regulations to minimize your tax liabilities. We work with individuals, partnerships, corporations, estates/trusts, and non-profit organizations to meet your income tax objectives. We also provide representation for our clients to guide them in responding to notices and audits with federal and state agencies.

Tax Planning:

The experienced professionals at Gogerty & Associates PLC can help you develop a tax planning strategy in order to minimize your income tax liability through advising you in the choice of business entity, the timing of equipment purchases, deferring income, and utilization of retirement plans in order to navigate the ever-changing tax landscape. We can generate multi-year tax projections and/or provide alternatives as part of the tax planning process in order to assist you in evaluating the options available and adopting the strategy that will accomplish your objectives.

Tax Preparation:

Federal and state tax laws are constantly changing. The tax professionals at Gogerty & Associates PLC possess the experience and understanding of recent tax legislation in order to help you minimize your income tax liability and in order to assist you in the preparation of complete and accurate returns.

  • Individual income tax – Form 1040
  • Corporate income tax – Form 1120/1120S
  • Partnership income tax – Form 1065
  • Estate and trust income tax – Form 1041
  • Nonprofit organizations – Form 990

Tax Notices:

If you have tax problems such as delinquent filings, back taxes, or you have received notices from the Internal Revenue Service or a state agency, the experienced tax professionals at Gogerty & Associates PLC can help bring tax filings current and assist you in responding to tax notices in order to resolve the issue.

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